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Field Operator

Posted Date :  26-06-2015     Closing Date :  31-07-2015

  • Adjust, plant, machinery equipment’s and pumps as when required. Operates all plants / units equipment according to operational manual / instructions and HSEMS procedures and operates valves as necessary. Prepare units and machinery for inspection.
  • Commissions and de-commissions crude oil plants, manifolds and pumps stations for oil/ water wells, dehydration/ desalting and power generation units. This involve lighting of areas and filling various chemical used within the plants. The same shall be applies for other process systems within the plant such as crude treatment, gas sweeting and dehydration units, etc.
  • Monitors and control the chemicals used in dehydration/ desalting plant and ensure the optimum dosage in achieved a recommended. Write the daily consumption reports and highlights the up normality’s. Assists in the operation of effluent water injection plants or brackish water pumps.
  • Assists in commissioning and de-commissioning of equipment. This involves pre-start-up /pre-shutdown preparation activities and adjustment of process operating valuables to meet optimum operating efficiency. Check water stocks levels and flow rates and make necessary adjustments or alterations to ensure continuous operation of the facilities.
  • Carries out sampling for all systems within the facility and receive the result from the lab and provide the data Carries out daily routine duties such as, lubricating equipment, topping up correct lube oil in machinery, adding chemical in systems, opening and closing valve to control flow of crude oil, water to specified levels, draining of separators & Desalter and checking wash water rates within the desalter plants. Collect samples as required or when instructed, the same shall be applied for other system / units within the facility.
  • Records and report routine measurement within the facility process equipment such as daily exported crude oil, sweetened gas, molten sulphur, GOR, salt in crude and basic sediment of water, oil samples, Amine samples, TEG samples, molten sulphur samples, Boiler feed water samples, etc. well selection changes, all data to be collected as may be instructed by Operator-I, effluent water injection, log and data sheet. Issues cold work permits, ensures hot work is adequately supervised and HSEMS procedures in adhered too, ensure availability of fire fighting equipment and report discharged extinguishers and checks all foam containers and cylinders related to plant.
  • Perform other related duties such as, ensuring plants and machinery clean and tidy.
  • Operate fire pumps and stand-by diesel generator as per pre-set schedule and as when instructed to ensure the said equipment are in good working conditions. Carries out spot check on all process system/ units within the facility such crude oil sweeting gas compression area, gas sweeting area, SRU area, effluent water area, etc. Shall be assigned in a shift duty.



ITI or Diploma in Chemical, Mechanical, Instrumentation engineering Knowledge in operation of computers such as MS Office / Excel / Word, etc. Should be able to speak and write fluent English


3-5 years in the plant operation of sour crude oil and sour gas wells & crude oil and gas sweeting facilities.




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