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Who We Are

Thirty five years of excellence in providing pioneering, world-class solutions and services, SPETCO International is renowned in the region for its role in revolutionizing the Oil & Gas industry.

SPETCO International is firmly positioned as a total solutions provider to the Oil & Gas sector with a proven ability to resolve com   Read our corporate profile

SPETCO provides upstream oilfield services related to reservoirs and production testing,  Read about our oil and gas services division
SPETCO specializes in handling engineering procurement construction (EPC) and lease     Read about our oil and gas projects division
The Doha West Power project came about as a result of the early 2000's power crisis.   Read about our power projects division
  • Jurassic Well Operator
    • Records well head pressure and flow lines pressure of a number of wells daily in accordance with an established schedule, to ensure tha
  • DCS Panel Operator
    • To be able to trouble shooting for the SCADA system and analyze the trends for various output e.g. pressure, temperature, alarms, SSV s
  • Field Operator
    • Adjust, plant, machinery equipment’s and pumps as when required. Operates all plants / units equipment according to operational m
At SPETCO, quality-consciousness is a way of life and permeates every activity it undertakes. Its employees are driven to exceed customer expectations. It strives to deliver solutions that meet the highest quality standards. All procedures are well documented with     Read about our QHSE priorities