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Innovative problem solving is SPETCO International's strength. Its numerous complex projects and solutions stand testimony to its significant contribution to the growth of its clients. Also, SPETCO International's commitment to excellence in quality has led to a wealth of pioneering achievements. Many of them have been historical firsts and stand today as milestones in the petroleum history of the entire region.

SPETCO International has set up the first privately-owned and operated Early Production Facility (EPF) in Kuwait.  This facility was developed for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), on a lease basis, in the North Kuwait field, as a pilot facility for treating and sweetening the production from a new light oil discovery in North Kuwait.

This discovery of a 46 API gas condensate reservoir with a FWHP of approximately 6,000 psig, almost 0% water cut and a GOR of close to 4,000 had a high H2S concentration of 10,000 ppm, which could not be handled by the existing facilities. Thus, the EPF was designed and set up by SPETCO International with a capability to treat 20 mmscfd of Gas having 10000 ppm of H2S to less than 1 ppm in the sweetened gas and 6000 BPD of condensate to less than 10 ppm H2S in the export. This Facility was designed and set up in a short span of eight months and commissioned on 10th February 2004. The Facility has been operational since then, without any down time or compromise of the EHS standards, fulfilling the quantity and quality requirements of the client.