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Artificial Lift Equipment and Services

  • Submersible Pumping Systems
  • Sucker Rod Pumping Systems
  • Beam Gas Compressors
  • Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

SPETCO International is the only company in the Middle East specializing in the provision of supplies and services of all forms of artificial lift systems to the hydrocarbon producers in the region.

Here are some of our services at a glance:

  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of Sucker Rod Pumping Units along with Electric motor/Gas engine prime movers and all related surface equipment. These services, provided on a turnkey basis, include provision of Sucker Rod Pumping Systems and prime movers with all necessary equipment, installation at the well sites, commissioning the unit, and optimization of production by speed/stroke adjustments and maintenance of the units.
  • Installation and maintenance services for sub-surface sucker rod pumps, including provision of all types of sucker rods, liners, pony rods, on and off tools, stuffing boxes and all equipment necessary for downhole completion for sucker rod pumped wells.
  • Technical Services for Submersible Pumping Systems including well sizing, installation and commissioning SPS, well analysis, well testing, surveillance and daily monitoring of the well using remotely controlled SCADA systems; and provide SPS downhole equipment, downhole power cable, By-Pass System, Tubing Spool, Variable Speed Drives, EFT Systems, Tubing Hangers and Switch Board.
  • Contracts are executed on an arrangement similar to a lease, in which SPETCO International assures the operators a minimum run life of the downhole equipment
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance including provision of progressive cavity pumping systems and variable frequency drives.
  • Provide trained and experienced field service engineers or technicians for various field activities.
  • SPETCO International's engineers are highly trained and experienced in delivering the entire spectrum of services related to all forms of artificial lifts, including Sucker Rod Pumping units, Electric Submersible Pumping Systems, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Gas Lifts, etc.