Gas Sweetening Facility

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) commissioned SPETCO International to design, construct, commission, operate and maintain the gas processing facility located in Western Kuwait.

Known as the Gas Sweetening Facility (GSF), the primary purpose of the plant is to remove the sour gas components (H2S and CO2) of the natural gas to produce a sweet and dry product gas stream for delivery to the KOC pipeline. This project is intended to reduce flaring of the gas and condensates in the KOC West Kuwait operations and is one of the major milestones in achieving KOC’s objective of zero flaring. GSF construction was completed in July 2010 and the facility was commissioned in August 2010.

GSF is located adjacent to the Gas Compression Package (GCP) facility, also currently in the construction phase by SPETCO International. Both the GSF and GCP, along with associated pipelines, are being constructed and operated by SPETCO International.

The GSF will include the following major gas stream processing equipment and support units:

  • Inlet Gas Handling and Cooling
  • Amine Unit
  • TEG Glycol Unit
  • Refrigeration and Chilled Water Units
  • Acid Gas Incineration
  • Natural Gas Drive Power Generation Units
  • Amine and TEG Storage.

The GSF plant is designed to operate at both 750 psig and 270 psig. Design gas processing rates at 750-850 PSIG are a minimum of 60 mmscfd gas inlet while expected rates at 270 psig are approximately 20 mmscfd. The maximum operating pressure for the gas circuit is 865 psig.

The GSF plant is design to provide the following product gas specifications:

  • 4 PPMv H2S Maximum
  • 1.5 % CO2 Maximum
  • 7 lb H2O / mmscfd Maximum.

Product gas is exported into the existing 20” pipeline, with the pressure at the destination (S Manifold) being 220 psig. At 60 mmscfd feed rate the expected pressure at the GSF battery limit will be approximately 270 PSIG. A facility to divert the export gas to the FG net work (24” FG line) is also provided with a back flow arrangement to the FG tie-in point.