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Miscellaneous Services

  • Field Maintenance Services
  • Horizontal pumping systems for effluent water disposal into disposal wells
  • Supply of all sizes of downhole tubulars – API and Premium for well completions, including machine shop and thread cutting facilities
  • Dedicated Chemical Injection systems for oil wells, including supply of all forms of oil & gas production related chemicals like demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, anti scale, anti foam etc.
  • Mechanized trenching and cable laying

SPETCO International commands the resources to take a project from inception to implementation, including after-installation sales and service support.

Below is a summary of SPETCO International's range of supplies and services:

  • Equipment supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Beam Gas Compressors on a turnkey basis. Beam Gas Compressors are instrumental in optimizing production from rod pumped wells by reducing back pressure on the wells.
  • Installation, commissioning and provisioning equipment, pressure testing gas lift mandrels, TRO setting and repair/redress of gas lift valves for gas lift operations.
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and provisioning Progressive Cavity Pumping Systems, including Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Supplying all sizes of downhole tubulars for well completions, including both API and Premium tubular.
  • Provision and installation of Wellheads and Christmas trees for well completions.
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and provisioning Horizontal Pumping Systems.
  • Engineering, construction, installation and provisioning Chemical Injection Systems.
  • Miscellaneous oil field services, such as Mechanized Cable Trenching and Portable Pressure Washer for oil spills etc.
  • Provisioning oilfield and industrial chemicals for Oil & Gas processing like Amines, anti scaling agents for Oil & Gas processing.
  • Providing trained and experienced Field Service Engineers/Technicians for handling maintenance services relating to all forms of artificial lifts, including Sucker Rod Pumping Units, Electric Submersible Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Gas Lifts, etc. Our engineers are also trained in surface production testing, utilizing two-phase and three-phase test separator units and multiphase flow meter units. SPETCO International also maintains a team of process, instrumentation and facilities engineers capable of handling design and operations of all forms of crude and gas treating equipments and processes.