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Power Projects Division

The Doha West Power project came about as a result of the early 2000’s power crisis. Foster Jordan—an American company now under the rights of SPETCO International —won the tender for the EPC in January 2007. The contract included design, procurement, construction and commissioning a power plant capable of producing 141.25 MW net on demand.

The concept was based on utilizing five GE LM6000 gas turbine generating sets and the associated Balance of Plant (BOP).

Construction was completed in 2010 after a successful site performance test that produced 171 MW. This incorporated the Inlet cooling of both evaporative cooling (three units) and a chiller package (two units) capable of reducing the turbine inlet temperature to 11 ËšC when the outside temperature reaches above 55 ËšC.

Phase two of the contract consists of operating and maintaining the plant for five consecutive years, starting in August 2010 and due for completion in August 2015.

To this end, manpower expertise was gathered from both local and international sources uniting in a single unified group now running the plant at maximum availability and reliability, with minimum support from outside vendors.

The units have been in operation for two years; during that time more than 2,500 running hours have been accumulated, producing more than 70,000 MWh for Kuwait.

The availability and reliability throughout this period have never fallen below 99%, saving SPETCO International from any financial penalties. Providing outstanding performance against these contract measurement benchmarks.

The vigilant operation, support and thorough periodic maintenance being realized by this plant constitute a standard SPETCO International strives to replicate by cross utilizing manpower throughout all projects.