Corporate Profile

With thirty-five years of excellence in providing pioneering, world-class solutions and services, Safwan Petroleum Technologies Company (SPETCO International) is renowned in the region for its role in revolutionizing the Oil & Gas industry.

SPETCO International is firmly positioned as a total solutions provider to the Oil & Gas sector with a proven ability to resolve complex problems across the value chain from upstream to midstream production and process requirements, including artificial lift systems, well testing, well diagnostics, production facilities and power generation projects. The company has a team of experienced professionals who provide a broad gamut of design, process, fabrication and operational skills. The company’s world-class technical expertise, along with vast resources, has powered SPETCO International forward in its quest for leadership in the domain. It has the depth and width to undertake the most complex Oil & Gas projects and service contracts seamlessly from inception through implementation.

In essence, SPETCO International is uniquely placed to provide comprehensive specialized services in Oil & Gas. The company is proud of its consistently high levels of performance. This is brought about by a harmonious interplay of man, machine and method. This springs from a skilled workforce, led by a competent management team with the backing of reliable equipment and proven systems for project planning, control and implementation.

These capabilities, combined with SPETCO International's exemplary QHSE performance and immaculate control processes, enable it to execute the most complex projects on a turnkey basis. This results in timely completion of projects at lower costs, as well as reduced risk to the environment and SPETCO's employees, vendors, subcontractors and clients. SPETCO International is committed to solidifying its position in the region as the leading provider of total solutions in the Oil & Gas sector. Whatever the degree of your requirement, SPETCO International has the range and expertise to deliver.

Innovative problem solving is SPETCO International's forte. The company's commitment to superlative quality has led to many pioneering achievements. Many of them have been historical firsts and stand today as milestones in regional petroleum history.